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Stickied Incidents

Friday 13th December 2019

Website / Login Servers Game Login Issues

We're experiencing an increase in crashes when trying to login and connect to Toontown Rewritten. We are currently looking into the issue.

  • Due to our recent engine update, not all anti-virus software has had enough time to identify Toontown Rewritten as a false positive, which makes it delete a key file needed to run the game! For now, you can add TTREngine.exe to your anti-virus safe list to fix the issue. Check out your anti-virus' website for information about how to do this.

    If you have any trouble or run into further issues, let us know! Just send an email to for help.

  • We're continuing to experience these issues but are still investigating. Thanks for your patience.

  • Past Incidents

    Thursday 12th December 2019

    Game Servers District Resets

    We're aware of District resets caused by a game update and are investigating.

  • We believe the issue has been fully resolved, thank you for your patience!

  • The issue causing Districts to reset has now been resolved. We will closely monitor performance.

  • We have identified the root cause and are actively working on a solution.