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Friday 16th September 2022

Game Servers Unexpected Kick from game if you join a boss boarding group vis Discord

We have been made aware of an issue where if you join via Discord a boss battle boarding group, you are kicked out of the game for an "exploit". Do not worry, we will not infract you if you get this kick! We are working on a fix for this issue. Until then, we advise players to avoid creating boarding groups with discord integration enabled in VP, CFO, CJ and CEO lobbies. If you are unable to play after getting kicked, please Email so we can unlock your account.

  • This issue has been fixed, thanks for your patience!

  • Monday 25th July 2022

    Increased Rate of Crashing

    We are aware of increased crashes that users are experiencing across Toontown. We are currently investigating these crashes and developing resolutions for them, and will release hotfixes to address them over the next several days.

    Sunday 24th July 2022

    Game Controller on Linux/Steam Deck requires Flatpak permissions update

    We have identified a permissions issue with the Flatpak launcher for Linux/Steam Deck that prevents you from using a game controller even if the setting is enabled. We are working on a fix. To workaround, please install flatseal from FlatHub (Discover app on Steam Deck), open flatseal, select the Toontown Launcher and set All devices to On.

  • We've released an updated version of our Linux launcher to rectify this issue.

    For Steam Deck users you can update the launcher through the Discover app in desktop mode, if you need any additional help email and we'll be more than happy to help!

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