Game Server Disconnections Wednesday 16th December 2020 17:10:00

We're currently aware of an issue causing infrequent mass-disconnections from the game server, our Technical Operations team are investigating the root cause and we hope to have it corrected as soon as possible.

After a disconnection occurs it may be several minutes before players can easily reconnect to the game, we recommend not constantly retrying as this may make it more difficult to recover stability.

The maintenance has been completed and we're going to be monitoring for any issues that arise to ensure everything remains stable.

The previous maintenance performed by our provider has not corrected the issue and a further necessary configuration change has been identified.

The game will be closing for maintenance on the 22nd December at 9:00pm PST to allow for the changes to be made.

Our provider has performed the maintenance and we're now monitoring to ensure everything remains stable.

Our infrastructure will be undergoing a configuration change in relation to the recent issues after 9:15pm Toontown Time, this may cause disconnections.

We're continuing to experience mass-disconnections at points throughout the day. Given we've now entered the holiday season and have players returning to take part in the festivities, we're extremely sorry for the inconvenience and any disappointment that has been caused over the last few days.

Our Technical Operations team has narrowed the issue down to being with one of our providers and we're awaiting their fix.

We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating.