Download Server Outage Monday 28th December 2020 11:45:28

Our content delivery network provider is currently suffering an outage, as a result is inaccessible at this time. Until the issue has been resolved difficulties will be experienced updating the launcher or game.

Due to our use of caching on the CDN these issues will get worse as currently cached items expire, we apologise for the inconvenience and are waiting promptly for a status update from our provider.

Our provider has rectified the issue and our CDN is now functioning as normal in most regions, some regions may take a bit longer to propagate the changes.

We're continuing to keep track of the incident; at this time our provider has isolated the cause and is working on bringing everything back online. There isn't currently an estimated time for this and due to the work involved it could take several more hours.

As a result of the continued outage elements of the website, such as the fonts and images, are unable to load and players using Windows will experience crashes when opening their launchers.